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Mark 7 is the seventh chapter of the Gospel of Mark in the New Testament of the Christian Bible. This chapter explores Jesus' relationships with both fellow Jews and Gentiles. Jesus speaks with the Pharisees and scribes, and then with his disciples, about defilement, and then heals two gentiles. Scholars debate just how much of this reflects Jesus' own view and how much is reflective of the con...


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Andy C says

"Being a big fan of the Alien/Predator & Ghostbuster franchises, I have purchased many items from Eaglemoss. Obviously as is the case with collectibles, some items sell out, however the Eaglemoss website is so poorly configured, there are occasions where the website shows an item is in stock, will let you order the item (and Eaglemoss will happily take your money), only to be repeatedly let down as the item is not in stock, and you get a notification about 7 days later saying you are receiving a refund. This has happened many times in July where I have tried to order a couple of items. I tried to contact Customer Service via email and phone, with at least 8 emails explaining the problem with the site, how I am willing to help test etc. etc. and no response. In addition to that, I am subscribed to the Build a Ghostbuster vehicle and the last 3 issues have gone to the wrong address. I have contacted the Customer Service each time after the incorrect delivery and each time they have assured me the delivery address has been changed on the system where it clearly hasn't. I am very disappointed with how Eaglemoss operate, and the Customer Service is non-existant. I feel that I need to warn others prior to using this company. Which is a shame as the products are actually quite good."

Eric Geaney says

"Eaglemoss advertised bundles for sale at approx half price but when you tried to purchase them, the option was not available. I tried several times to purchase but to no avail. False advertising."

Rob says

"I have been collecting the Batman Legend books for over 2 years, via subscription. Recently I have not been receiving the books despite paying £23.98 twice a month. I'm now nearly £300 out of pocket. I have complained and complained but to no avail. They say they are reordering but nothing ever comes. The site says deliveries are as normal despite Covid so that can't be the reason. I have now reported the company and will be demanding a refund."

Darren says

"Well I had written a previous review but decided to write a new one as they responded to the last one with lies. I ordered a Limited Edition Ghostbusters print. A month later I had not even received a dispatch notication and they never responded to numerous emails. I know they received these emails because I got the automatic reply saying someone should respond shortly. So I leave a bad review. Funnily enough they were quick to write a reply to that saying sorry and they'd get my print delivered by the end of the week. Guess what? No print and no dispatch notice and emails still being ignored. This company is pathetic. It's not difficult to post something I buy. I have now had to open a claim via PayPal which is disappointing. All I want is what I paid for but apparently that's to difficult. A note to Eaglemoss customer service. Don't you dare reply to this with more lies. Actually do your job and reply to one of my emails and send my print!"

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